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Recycling Services

Edmonton's Best Recycling Services

Our Company's Process for Edmonton Recycling
Now you can get rid of your scrap metal and help the environment too. We make it easy to recycle—Edmonton and residents in the surrounding area can drop their scrap metals and lead-acid batteries off at our South Side or West End location and we’ll take care of the rest. See what recycling services we have to offer below!

Delivered Material 
  • Commercial customers and private individuals are welcome to deliver their recyclable material to either of our Edmonton recycling locations during business hours.
  • Safety-focused offloading assistance is always available.
  • Tractor trailer loads should be delivered to our South Side location.

Bin Service
  • We provide bin service to industrial clients for recycling Edmonton’s scrap metal. This will assist these clients with their individual recycling and safety programs.
  • Choose from a variety of bin sizes or check out our trailers for more demanding jobs.

Safety Is Key
Please follow a few simple rules to ensure a safe experience when you take your materials to recycling in Edmonton:

  • Both yards are of considerable size. There is constant activity from large trucks and heavy equipment, so please obey all traffic signs and verbal instructions.
  • Stay close to your vehicle at all times when loading or unloading and obey operators’ instructions to avoid injury.
  • Avoid prowling around scrap piles and never leave children or pets unsupervised while outside your vehicle.
  • All commercial operators must wear personal protective equipment when outside of their vehicles.