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Edmonton's Eco-Friendly Scrap Yard

An Environmentally-Conscious Metal Scrap Yard in Edmonton

At General Recycling Industries Ltd., we work hard to do our part for the environment. As one of Alberta’s most trusted scrap metal recycling companies, we hire only the most responsible, qualified staff members who will take great care in safely handling all materials entering our facilities. Alberta residents come to us with their old car batteries and scrap metal, knowing it will always be recycled properly.

Since 1976, our Edmonton scrap yards have set the standard for scrap metal recycling, using state-of-the-art equipment for processing and transportation. We provide a variety of bins equipped to handle loads of all sizes and can be an invaluable resource for industrial organizations. These bins make the removal of recyclable scrap metal easy and our inventory includes self-dumping hoppers, lugger bins, roll off bins and flat deck trailers.

Our Edmonton Scrap Yard Helps Save Landfill Space

General Recycling Industries is proud to serve Alberta and we strive to comply with all environmental regulations and adhere to our Environmental Best Management Practices. Our employees are well trained on the importance of protecting the environment and all of our policies and practices are available to our suppliers. Call us today at 780-452-5865 to learn more or to schedule a pickup.

Working Toward an Eco-Friendly Community

Scrap metal recycling is a vital and well established industry and plays a critical role in efforts to reclaim valuable secondary materials for reuse into new products, conserve natural resources and make better use of diminishing landfill capacity.

  • We comply with environmental regulations.
  • We conduct our operations in an environmentally sound manner and adhere to Environmental Best Management Practices.
  • We promote and educate environmental responsibility amongst our employees.
  • We clearly communicate our environmental policies and practices to our suppliers.
Metal Scrap Yard in Edmonton: General Recycling Industries Ltd.

Unacceptable Items

Many of the post-consumer materials handled by the scrap metal recycling industry are at the end of their useful life. As such, the problems created during material manufacturing, such as the use of hazardous constituents and non-recyclable materials become the responsibility of the recycler.

To mitigate the risks associated to the acceptance of hazardous materials General Recycling Industries does not accept the following:

  • Radioactive materials.
  • Closed containers, barrels, drums, or tanks that may contain residual materials that have not been triple-rinsed, drained, and have multiple holes punctured in top and bottom.
  • Large storage units, mud tanks, vessels, compressors, heat exchangers, closed electrical units, motor housing and/or self-contained, generating units where the internal contents have not been removed and may contain residual fluids that may be deemed as hazardous waste.
  • Oilfield wastes as defined and regulated by the ERCB (Energy Resources Conservation Board) definition: “waste that results from the construction, operation, or reclamation of a well site, oil and gas battery, gas plant compressor station, crude oil terminal, pipeline, gas gathering system, heavy oil site, oil sands, or related facility”.
  • Household, organic, industrial, or medical waste.
  • Asbestos.
  • Sealed fuel containers including, gas tanks, jet and racing fuel, and propane tanks where tanks still have valves attached.
  • PCB contaminated material.
  • Electronics, plastic, wood, paper, glass, and rubber (including tires not attached to a vehicle).
  • Potentially live ammunition, weaponry, and razor wire.
  • School buses, motor homes, or any other recreational vehicles.
  • Propane operated vehicles where fuel systems are still in place.
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