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3 Fun Facts About Recycling Metal


There’s nothing new about recycling metal. In fact, this material has been melted down and reshaped into new tools and weapons by humans for hundreds of years. If you want to learn more about this centuries-old process, here are three other interesting facts about recycling metal.


1. Steel is the most recycled metal in North America

Since steel can be found in everything from food cans and appliances to vehicles and construction sites, it makes sense that this scrap metal tops the list. What’s great is that once steel is melted down in the recycling process, it can be used to make more of the same products. This helps conserve natural resources. Plus, recycling steel requires less energy and generates less pollution than producing it does.


2. Recycling metal is a pretty speedy process

If you toss an empty aluminum can in a recycling bin, it can be back on a grocery store shelf as a new soda or food can within as little as two months. Keep in mind that once the metal is collected and sorted, it needs to be melted, purified and solidified before it can be transported to a factory for use in new products. By comparison, if an aluminum can were to end up in a landfill instead, it would take up to 200 years to break down.


3. This practice helps protect the environment

You might already be in the habit of tossing metal cans and other items in the recycling bin, but have you ever considered how much you help the planet by doing so? In addition to preventing these items from ending up in landfills, recycling metal allows the material to be reused to make new products. Since mining metal produces a lot of carbon dioxide, thereby contributing to climate change, reducing the number of raw materials that need to be extracted is incredibly beneficial.


On top of that, recycling metal also conserves energy. In fact, you could power a lightbulb for 20 hours with the amount of energy saved by recycling a single aluminum can.


Recycling your metal in Edmonton

If you want to contribute to the long tradition of recycling metal and help protect the planet in the process, bring your scrap metal to a General Recycling Industries Ltd. location in Edmonton — we’ll even pay you for it. If you own a commercial or industrial business, we also offer bin services to help you collect scrap metal on-site. Contact us today to learn more.