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5 mistakes to avoid when scrapping metal


Recycling scrap metal can be a simple way to make cash on items you’re no longer using. If you’re new to scrapping, you might be wondering how to get the most money for your metal.


It’s all too easy to make mistakes that can end up costing you money. Here are five common mistakes to avoid so you can maximize your earnings when scrapping metal.


1. Not using a magnet

Magnets are a simple and inexpensive tool to help scrappers distinguish between ferrous and non-ferrous metals. They stick to less valuable ferrous metals like steel and iron. Using a magnet can help you identify your metals so they can be sorted according to value.


2. Not preparing your scrap

Many scrap yards will buy a bin of scrap using the price of the least valuable metal in the bin. Sorting your metals into different bins allows you to sell them for the highest rate for each particular metal. When sorting your items, you should also ensure they’re free of other materials. For example, stripping the insulation from copper wire can often double or triple your earnings.


3. Not understanding metal grades

It’s important to know about the different grades of metal. This will help you sort and prepare your scrap so that you can earn more money. When it comes to copper, the most valuable grade is #1 bare bright copper. It’s thicker than 16 gauge, uncoated and untarnished. If a bin of this grade of copper gets mixed with a little bit of copper tubing, which falls into a lower grade, it will reduce the overall price you’re offered.


4. Not checking prices

The rate of metal can fluctuate daily. It’s helpful to be aware of current market prices and market trends. Knowing the approximate value can help you negotiate better prices.


5. Not researching your buyer

Avoid scrap yards with bad reputations. Dishonest companies have been known to use bad scales, steal items and offer poor prices. Do some research on the recycling company before bringing your scraps to them. What are the company’s values, community initiatives and health and safety commitments? Try to find the most reputable buyer in your community.


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