5 Reasons why everyone should love copper in Edmonton

When you think of copper, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a penny. But did you know that copper has many other uses besides just coins? Keep reading to learn more about this richly hued metal and five reasons why everyone in Edmonton should love it.

1. It’s versatile

Copper can be found in a variety of household goods. Electronics like radios and television sets, your air conditioner and furnace, and the wiring inside your house and your car all contain copper. It’s versatility is just one of the things that makes copper so special.

2. It’s an excellent conductor
Another reason we love copper is because it is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity—which is why it’s found in so many everyday objects. Copper’s conductivity is second only to silver.

3. It’s beautiful
There’s a reason that copper has been a favourite for coins, jewellery and ornaments for centuries—it’s beautiful! Copper can also be combined with other materials to make new metals that are just as beautiful, like brass when combined with zinc and bronze when it’s combined with tin. Copper can even be used as a decorative and durable roofing material. It takes on a unique green colour as it ages, as seen on Canada’s parliament buildings in Ottawa.

4. It’s durable
Copper is strong but malleable, and highly corrosion resistant, making it one of the longest-lasting metals around. Copper roofs can last for hundreds of years before needing to be replaced.

5. It’s easily recycled
One of the best reasons to love copper is that it’s easily recycled. Did you know that recycling a metric tonne of copper scrap only uses up about 15% of the amount of energy to mine the same amount of new copper? Copper is a finite resource so the best thing that we can do to conserve it is to recycle and reuse the copper we already have rather than extracting new copper from the earth.

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