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5 Tips for Decorating Your Home or Business With Metal Items


Metal is a versatile and attractive material that can be incorporated into your home or business decor, no matter what your style. Items made of brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum can give practically any room a unique look. However, choosing what metal items to use can be daunting. Here are some general tips for incorporating them into your home.


1. Mix various types of metal

The old rule that claimed you should never mix gold and silver is now considered outdated. Indeed, mixing metals with different colours and finishes is a great way to create a stunning room design.

Additionally, try mixing finishes made of the same metal. Using antique, polished, hammered and brushed finishes will vary the decor.


2. Choose one dominant metal

It’s best to select one dominant colour and one accent colour. Opt for either a warm-coloured metal (copper, brass, or gold) or a cool-coloured metal (silver, aluminum or stainless steel). Use a cool accent on dominant warm colour and a warm accent on a dominant cool colour. Use neutral-coloured metals (cast iron or other black metals) to accent either warm or cool colours.


For instance, if your kitchen has stainless steel appliances you may want to choose a warm accent metal for cupboard door handles or sink hardware.


3. Match the metals to your existing colour palette

If your bedroom already has a warm colour scheme that uses red, orange and yellow, then use a warm-coloured metal with cool-coloured accent pieces and decorative items. However, if the room has blues, greens and purples, use a cool-coloured metal with warm-coloured decor. If you have a neutral colour palette, then you can be more flexible in the metals you choose.


4. Decorate with metal items already in your home

Hang antique copper pots and pans, spoons or silver plates on the wall to add a rustic metallic look to your room. Place metal trinkets such as metal geometrics or an old bell on the mantel or the coffee table.


5. Space out your metal decor

Don’t jam all your metal pieces in one area of the room. Instead, spread them out both vertically and horizontally. However, you should use complementary metals for a light fixture and a sink or a picture frame and lamp.


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