Common types of scrap steel and where to find it


Almost 70 percent of all steel used in North America is recycled. This versatile alloy can be used again and again in various forms. High demand for recycled steel means scrap metal recyclers will pay you cash for it. Here are some of the most common types of scrap steel and where you can find it.


Carbon steel

Carbon steel is the most popular type of steel, making up 90 percent of all the steel used in the world. Combining iron and carbon creates a metal with incredible tensile strength and durability. Some common products made from carbon steel include:


• Cans
• Pipes
• Automobile parts
• Railway tracks
• Train wheels
• Gears
• High strength wires
• Construction materials
• Cutting tools


Carbon steel is broken down into three categories, depending on the amount of carbon in the alloy: mild steel (0.3 percent carbon), medium (0.3 to 0.6 percent carbon), and high carbon (more than 0.6 percent carbon). High carbon is the most expensive of the three to produce.


Alloy steel

Steel is often mixed with other metals to give it distinct characteristics.

Hadfield steel, or mangalloy, is steel with about 13 percent manganese. Mangalloy is famous for its impact strength and abrasion resistance. Invented in 1882, the material was used to manufacture soldiers’ helmets during the First World War. Today it’s used in the mining industry to make rock crushers and to build cement mixers.

Steel combined with nickel is stronger and more durable than regular steel. This alloy is used for items such as:


• Turbine blades
• Propeller shafts
• Keys
• Storage cylinders
• Nuts, bolts and screws


Stainless steel

Steel combined with chromium becomes stainless steel. As its name suggests, stainless steel is 200 times more rust resistant than other alloys, with a reflective surface and an ability to withstand high temperatures. Stainless steel is hygienic and easy to maintain, which is why many household and commercial items are made from it, including:


• Kitchen utensils and tools
• Cookware
• Kitchen sinks
• Appliances
• Food processing equipment
• Surgical equipment


Tool steel

Tool steel is steel mixed with chromium, tungsten and vanadium. It’s resistant to abrasion and deformation, so manufacturers use it to make tools. Tool steel is also resistant to high temperatures, so it’s used for shaping other materials such as woodworking knives and knurling wheels. Automobile manufacturers also use tool steel for car parts.


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