Eager to Recycle Scrap Metals? Use a Trusted Service in Edmonton

Edmonton, Alberta is considered one of the most proactive cities for urban waste management. Recycling is on the rise, and yet at the same time, consumers and industries continue to send more waste to landfills. Paper, plastic, glass and scrap metals are dumped at alarming rates. This inflicts ongoing damage to our environment, and uses up landfill lifespan and space.

Reclaiming our natural resources and using them efficiently has been an important issue for General Recycling Industries Ltd. To that end, we provide convenient and affordable services throughout the wider Edmonton area to make scrap metal recycling easy and accessible. Whether you are an individual or an industrial / commercial operation, we want to help you in your recycling efforts.

Recycle More, Conserve Energy Choose the Right Size Bins for Industrial Scrap Metal Recycling
Industries produce large amounts of metal scrap that can be recycled and used as raw material for a range of services and products. Certain metals such as copper are very valuable and retain much of their original value. Mining virgin ore instead of using recycled metals is a strain on our natural resources, in addition to being harmful for the environment.

At General Recycling Industries, we help you recycle a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals by providing scrap metal recycling services in Edmonton and throughout Alberta to suit your needs. Your needs can be large or small; we are here to help you through the process. By collecting your scrap and using our industrial bin service, you are being proactive in conserving and preserving natural resources and the environment—an effort that will pay off for you today and also for future generations.

Industrial and commercial clients should choose Edmonton’s most reliable, clean and efficient industrial bin service from General Recycling Industries, Ltd. Take a look at the tables on this page to assess your sizing needs.

Get a Competitive Price for Metal Recycling and Use Our Edmonton Bin Services
Recycling not only helps the environment, it can also generate good revenue for you. The fact that copper thefts have become common tells you how valuable recyclable metals are! Scrap metal prices depend on current market conditions; at General Recycling, we keep abreast of real-time market value to offer you the most competitive prices. We are committed to helping both industries and individuals recycle their scrap metal. Our bin service is aimed at encouraging consumers and organizations step up their efforts at metal recycling.
If you wish to know more about scrap metal recycling and our bin service in Edmonton, call us at 866-983-9999 with your questions or feel free to contact us online.