Earth Day - A Way to Give Back through Edmonton Recycling Opportunities

If you have been hunting for the perfect opportunity to celebrate Earth Day in Canada, there are numerous ways to give back to our friendly planet! From recycling to cleaning up trash in neighbourhoods to doing what you can to limit your impact on the environment, there is always a step you may have missed earlier, but it is never too late to start.

While you are doing all that, it is important that you reflect on the reason there is an Earth Day—including where it came from and what it means specifically to you.

Why Earth Day Exists

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated every April 22nd globally. Events are held throughout Canada to celebrate the Earth as well as demonstrate the importance of environmental protection. The first Earth Day was in 1970, and more than 193 countries now celebrate it.

5 Things You Can Do for Earth Day 2017

Not sure what you can do for Earth Day this year? Here are just five ideas to get you started. Naturally, you do not have to wait for Earth Day to start doing them, and you could easily do all five year-round.

  1. Make a Recycling Bin at Home - If you are not doing so already, Edmonton recycling opportunities are plentiful. Start by making a recycling bin at home, and knowing what you can and cannot recycle locally.
  2. Start Using Reusable Grocery Bags - Plastic and paper grocery bags are wasteful. Instead of using them, purchase reusable bags. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they carry more, are durable, and you can reuse them numerous times.
  3. Ditch Bottled Water - Bottled water consumes not only fossil fuels but the bottles often end up in landfills instead of Edmonton recycling stations. Start refilling bottles and think of all the money you will save; all while helping to save the environment.
  4. Go Paperless at Home and Work - Do what you can to reduce paper at home and work. Have your bills come via email, request statements online instead of the mail, and if you shred, recycle it. 
  5. Organize a Neighbourhood Cleanup - Get your entire block involved by grouping together and doing a clean-up of the streets, schools, parks, and other community areas nearby.

Take Advantage of Local Edmonton Recycling Stations

If you have unused scrap metal, including copper, cast iron, brass, steel, stainless steel, or aluminum, bring it to your local recycling centre at General Recycling Industries, Ltd. We not only recycle it, but for doing your part, we will purchase your metal products from you.

By recycling metal instead of putting it in local landfills, you are saving on the resources and energy required to make products with those same materials. In fact, it takes significantly less energy and resources to utilize recycled metal.

You can also receive a recycling bin from our company to place at the job site or your warehouse so that you can conveniently recycle unused metal components.

If you are looking for ideas to give back to the planet for Earth Day, start organizing your piles of scrap metal and then bring them to the team at General Recycling Industries Ltd.

Not sure what we take? Call us at 866-983-9999 with your questions or feel free to contact us online.