car recycling

How are cars recycled?

Ever wonder what happens to a car when it doesn’t work anymore? When a vehicle reaches the end of its life cycle, up to 95 percent of its materials can be broken down and reused. This has a significant positive impact on the environment, and fortunately, vehicle recycling is increasing in popularity. In fact, cars have become one of the most recycled consumer products in the world.


The four-step recycling process

Recycling a car is a complex process that can be broken down into the following four steps:


1. Depollution. Cars must be disposed of in an environmentally responsible way. This involves safely removing the battery and draining and disposing of all fluids (gasoline, coolant, oil, etc.) and hazardous materials before the vehicle can be processed.


2. Dismantling. After the fluids are drained, the tires and the catalytic converter are removed for recycling. Any functional parts that can be sold for profit are also dismantled by hand.


3. Destruction. The remaining vehicle is crushed and torn apart by large shredders. It’s then sent to a metal mill for processing.


4. Resource recovery. Metals are separated from the rest of the materials. The steel that’s recovered is melted down and reused in new products.


Valuable parts

While dismantling a vehicle can be laborious, it can also be quite profitable. Here are some of the more valuable car parts and how they can be used:


• Catalytic converters contain platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold and other metals that can be sold and used to make jewellery and other products.

• Engines and radiators can be reused or scrapped for their aluminum content.

• Batteries can be sold to scrap yards or auto shops for money.

• Stereo systems are one of the most lucrative parts of your car’s interior. They can be removed and sold for use in another vehicle.

• Wheels and tires can be sold as a set or taken apart and priced separately. Aluminum alloy rims are worth more than steel rims.


Car recycling in Edmonton

Recycling your car is an eco-friendly way to make some extra cash. If you’re in Edmonton. General Recycling Industries Ltd. makes car recycling easy. We process vehicles for safe recycling by first removing the battery and other harmful materials to prevent them from contaminating the environment. If you’re looking to recycle your old vehicle, drop it off at one of our Edmonton locations or call us today to learn more.