The 5 Most Recyclable Materials that You can Sell for Scrap

Almost anything that is made of metal can be recycled. Batteries, car parts, pots and pans, structural materials, you name it. If it's made of metal, chances are you can recycle it. Here are 5 of the most recyclable metals that you can sell for scrap, as well as some items which are commonly made out of them:

  1. Iron and Steel
  2. Steel is actually an alloy made predominantly of iron, which is a mineral. It is the most widely used metal on the planet and may be found in products ranging from garbage cans to appliances and construction materials. Cast Iron is a different alloy used predominantly in dense items such as brake drums and heavy industrial parts requiring resistance to wear.
  3. Aluminum
  4. Next to steel, aluminum is the next most abundant metal used by society. It is used to make everything from ladders and railings to doorknobs and toasters. Car parts such as hoods, suspension, engine blocks, brackets, and alternator housings are all often made of aluminum.
  5. Copper
  6. Copper, due to its excellent conductive properties, is found in all sorts of electrical wiring applications. Copper tubing, found in water and heating systems, is another great source of scrap copper. Copper is also an important component in electronic devices.
  7. Brass
  8. Brass can be tricky to find if you don't know where to look, but, once you learn where it's used, you'll notice it almost everywhere. Look for brass on door handles, heat exchangers, faucets, nuts and bolts, pipe fittings, jewelry, and on pen and lipstick tubes.

Bring Your Scrap to General Recycling Industries Ltd. in Edmonton

Copious amounts of the 5 metals listed above can often be easily obtained. If you're working on a construction or renovation project, or if you're just doing a thorough cleaning of the junk that has accumulated in your home, then you'll likely come across items you can scrap with the Edmonton metal recyclers at General Recycling Industries Ltd.

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