The 7 stages in the life cycle of scrap metal in Edmonton

Have you ever wondered what happens to metal when it is recycled? Where does the scrap metal come from? How is it recycled? And where does it end up? Keep reading to learn all about the life cycle of a common piece of scrap metal......

1. Collection 

Scrap metal can be collected by private indviduals or from a number of commercial and industrial sources including surplus materials on a construction site or the donation of scrap vehicles or other scrap metals by local businesses or individuals to local charities for fund raising programs.

2. Sorting
Metal recyclers must sort delivered materials to ensure that products move on to the correct facility for future processing. Each different metal is sent to a different location by truck, rail or shipping container.

3. Cleaning and processing
In most cases, scrap metals are further sorted and processed to remove any unwanted contaminants that could affect the quality of the finished product. Metals are then cut or shredded to make melting them down easier.

4. Melting
Once the scrap metal has been processed, it is melted in a special furnace capable of reaching extremely high temperatures. Depending on the amount and type of metal being melted down, this process could take anywhere from just a few minutes to several hours.

5. Purifying
Once the scrap metal has been melted it is chemically analyzed to ensure that no contaminants remain in the metal during the recycling process.

6. Pouring
Melted and purified scrap metal is then either poured or formed into new shapes, typically bars, and allowed to cool before it is prepared for resale.

7. Distribution
Once the recycled metal has been formed it is ready to be sold and shipped out to manufacturers who will use it to create brand new products. Once those products reach the end of their useful life, the process begins all over again.

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