The basics of scrap metal recycling

Did you know that the majority of metals we use today have been recycled at least once? Recycled scrap metal is all around us, in our appliances, furniture, bikes, cars— the list could go on and on. However, we don’t notice because scrap metal is identical to metal derived from mined ore both in appearance and quality. Keep reading to learn more about this material that you see, touch and handle every day without realizing it.

Why is scrap metal recycling so popular?

A big reason why metal recycling is such a booming industry is that it’s profitable for everyone involved. On one end you have individuals and businesses that get paid for bringing scrap metal to a recycling facility; on the other end you have manufacturers that purchase the recycled metal at a lower price than what they would pay for mined raw materials. In short, everybody wins—not least of all the environment, since using recycled metal instead of mined ore conserves a great deal of energy.

What are recycled scrap metals used for?

Since recycled metals have the same properties as ore-derived metals, they can be substituted for the mined product almost across the board. The popularity of recycled metals in the manufacturing and industrial sectors attests to their reliability. For instance, much of the steel used in construction is recycled, and recycled metals are used extensively in the production of appliances, automobiles and aircrafts.

How is scrap metal produced?

Have you ever wondered about what goes on in recycling plants? Are you curious about how your crushed-up soda can is transformed into a pristine new one for sale at the store, just a few months after you tossed the original can in the recycling bin? Here are the steps involved in recycling scrap metals.

  1. The scrap metals are crushed and compacted.
  2. Hammer mills shred the metal into tiny pieces. 
  3. The shredded metal is placed into magnetic drums, which separate ferrous and non-ferrous materials. 
  4. Non-metallic materials like paint and plastic are removed by blowing hot air through the shredded plastic.
  5. The different scrap metals are put in furnaces, where they’re melted and purified. 
  6. The melted metal is poured into different moulds to be shaped into ingots, rods, billets or slabs, depending on its future uses.

Scrap metal recycling in Edmonton

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