Tips for successful scrap metal recycling in Edmonton

Recycling scrap metal is an important aspect of commercial eco-responsibility. With a little effort, your business can help reduce its carbon footprint and ensure that valuable secondary materials are not wasted. And you can benefit financially too! But remember to keep these key tips in mind.


When customers arrive at a General Recycling scrap metal processing plant, they are required to present photo identification. Don’t forget to bring the appropriate documents.

Material Preparation
Whether you use our commercial bin services or you bring scrap metal directly to our Edmonton facilities, to the best of your abilities you should sort items into separate categories. Also, customers must ensure that their items are ready for recycling. For instance, engines must be cleaned and drained of fluids. Coolant must be removed from freezers and air conditioners. And valves must be removed from propane tanks and fire extinguishers.

Unacceptable items
In order to avoid wasting time and energy, customers are advised to consult our list of unacceptable items. Items that are contaminated by radioactivity, asbestos or PCBs, are strictly prohibited. Closed containers that may contain residual material will not be accepted. Oilfield waste, from well sites, gas plant compressor stations or crude oil terminals, will not be accepted. Finally, electronics, household waste and medical waste are unacceptable.

We take great pride in recycling cars and pick-up trucks in a responsible manner. Once hazardous materials, such as the battery and air conditioning unit are removed, vehicles can be crushed and then melted down to raw steel. However, please bear in mind that General Recycling can not process school buses, motor homes or other recreational vehicles.

Market value
Customers should understand that the scrap metal industry deals with a broad range of metals. Each metal grade (specific composition and physical qualities) corresponds to a different value. Scrap metal prices are subject to change due to fluctuations in the market. General Recycling facility directors are aware of current market values for copper, aluminum, steel, brass and other metals.

General Recycling has 40 years of experience with scrap metal recycling in Edmonton. Our state-of -the-art processing and transportation services can help you to extract revenue from worksite, construction job and factory waste. Contact us today to learn more about our bin pick up and drop off options as well as our safety and environmental protection policies.