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What Scrap Metal Can You Recycle This Summer?

Scrapping metal can be profitable and it helps reduce the waste that ends up in landfills. This summer, don’t throw anything away without first checking to see if it can be recycled. Here are some common summer items that contain scrap metal:


• Barbecues are a summer staple. Most are made from aluminum or stainless steel and can be quite profitable if recycled. If you have an old or broken grill, think about recycling it instead of throwing it away. You can also check your neighbourhood to see if anyone has left one on the side of the road.


• Lawnmowers can also be recycled. Often, the engines and mower decks are made of aluminum or steel. Many scrappers believe that you can make more money if you dismantle a lawnmower and separate the metals before selling it. Either way, you’ll make more than you would by simply throwing it away.


• Air conditioning (AC) units can help you beat the heat. Unfortunately, when you go to turn your AC unit on this summer, you might discover that it no longer works. Though there are laws against throwing your old AC unit in the trash, many scrap yards are capable of safely disposing of them. They’ll often accept other household appliances as well.


• Patio furniture is frequently made of metal. If you were thinking about getting rid of your old, broken or rusted lawn furniture, consider taking it to a scrap yard to see if you can make some extra money from it.


• Aluminum cans can be placed in your home recycling bin or you can take them to the scrap yard and exchange them for cash. Never throw them away. There’s no limit to the number of times you can recycle aluminum cans.


• Sheds are sometimes made of metals like iron, aluminum or galvanized steel. You can exchange your old metal shed for cash.


• Pools and pool equipment like pool motors, heaters and metal ladders can be scrapped. The walls of above-ground pools are often made of aluminum and can earn you a good amount of money.


Scrap metal recycling in Edmonton

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