Why sustainability is the new mother of invention in Edmonton

More and more people are starting to recognize that the earth’s natural resources are at risk of depletion. That’s why the search for ways to get citizens of Edmonton and surrounding areas recycling and trying to reduce our combined carbon impact and has become more important than ever. Finding sustainable solutions for modern problems is a necessity, which makes sustainability the new mother of invention. Keep reading to learn more.

The status quo

The modern world is full of marvels. But there is a price to pay for all of mankind’s great advancements in industry, manufacturing and technology. In the past 50 years or more, it has become very clear that the price we’ve been paying for the comforts that we enjoy is pollution, global warming and a reduction of resources. We have to change or we risk destroying our planet.

The rise of sustainability
The fact that natural resources are finite has made sustainable practices an absolute necessity. Businesses in the Edmonton area are increasingly making an effort to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint as a part of that effort.

Reuse and recycle
One of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is by recycling materials whenever possible. By recycling materials, you can reduce the amount of waste in the municipal landfills, protect the local environment and help to preserve Alberta’s natural resources.

Many items can be recycled in Edmonton including:

• Paper
• Cardboard
• Plastics
• Glass
• Scrap metals

General Recycling Industries
Recycling scrap metals is a great way to preserve the earth’s natural resources for future generations. Unlike some consumer products that require a great deal of energy to recycle, scrap metal recycling is highly efficient and requires less energy than what is needed to produce an entirely new product. Some of the scrap metals that we recycle at our south east Edmonton facility are:

• Cast iron
• Nickel alloys
• Recyclable lead-acid batteries
Red and yellow brass
Stainless steel
• Steel

When you choose General Recycling Industries in Edmonton, you can feel confident that you are working with a professional and eco-conscious team that will work hard to protect the planet. Contact us today to learn more about how you can recycle scrap metal, to learn more about our environmentally friendly recycling process or to inquire about bin service. General Recycling Industries is your source for complete metal recycling in the Metropolitan Edmonton area.