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General Recycling Industries Ltd. Offers Informative Blog

At General Recycling Industries Ltd., we have over 40 years of experience in the recycling industry. At that time, we’ve learned a thing or two, and we’d like to pass along some of that information to you.

As Edmonton’s one-stop source for scrap metal recycling, we’ll be updating our blog from time to time. Bookmark our site to learn more about how and why to recycle your scrap metals – the benefits to you as well as to the planet. Get in touch with us for more details.

  • 21/10/2021
    How to Make Money From 7 Types of Sports Equipment


    Did you know that scrap metal yards are happy to buy your used athletic equipment? This is the case because so many of the items used for sports have metal components that can be recycled. Here are some types of equipment that you can get money for at General Recycling Industries Ltd.

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  • 05/10/2021
    What to Know About Recycling Brass


    Did you know you can turn unwanted brass items in your home into cash? Brass is a valuable metal and there are businesses in your community that will gladly take your brass off your hands. Here’s everything you need to know about recycling this metal.

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  • 23/09/2021
    5 Reasons Why Metal Detecting Is a Great Hobby


    The romantic notion of hunting for and finding buried treasure stirs up images of pirates and adventurers following a map marked with an X. The reality is, anyone can hunt for buried treasure, and it doesn’t take anything more than a metal detector. Here’s why metal detecting is a fun and sometimes lucrative hobby for people of all ages.

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  • 02/09/2021
    5 Tips for Decorating Your Home or Business With Metal Items


    Metal is a versatile and attractive material that can be incorporated into your home or business decor, no matter what your style. Items made of brass, copper, stainless steel and aluminum can give practically any room a unique look. However, choosing what metal items to use can be daunting. Here are some general tips for incorporating them into your home.

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  • 09/08/2021
    What Scrap Metal Can You Recycle This Summer?

    Scrapping metal can be profitable and it helps reduce the waste that ends up in landfills. This summer, don’t throw anything away without first checking to see if it can be recycled. Here are some common summer items that contain scrap metal:

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  • 06/08/2021
    7 reasons to recycle batteries

    Batteries are used every day to power a variety of products from fire alarms to automobiles. But what do you do with them when they run out of juice? Batteries are considered hazardous waste and should not be thrown away in the trash, nor can they be put in with your curbside recycling. Although there are many programs available to collect and recycle batteries, too few consumers use them. Here are seven reasons to recycle your batteries.

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  • 29/07/2021
    How are cars recycled?

    Ever wonder what happens to a car when it doesn’t work anymore? When a vehicle reaches the end of its life cycle, up to 95 percent of its materials can be broken down and reused. This has a significant positive impact on the environment, and fortunately, vehicle recycling is increasing in popularity. In fact, cars have become one of the most recycled consumer products in the world.

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  • 21/07/2021
    The benefits of recycling aluminum


    Aluminum is a lightweight metal that’s used in a variety of products from pop cans to space shuttles. It’s strong, durable and resistant to corrosion. In addition, it’s easy to recycle through curbside collection or by bringing it to a local scrap yard. Here’s what you should know about recycling this metal.

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  • 09/06/2021
    How to scrap copper


    Scrapping is the process of collecting metal for recycling, and copper is one of the most valuable types you can collect. In addition to being profitable, scrapping copper is good for the environment. This is because it’s a finite resource and recycling it will ensure it doesn’t get buried in a landfill. Here are the steps to follow for scrapping this metal.

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  • 04/06/2021
    How to organize a scrap metal fundraiser


    Organizing a scrap metal fundraiser is an innovative and inexpensive way to raise money for your organization or charity. Since collecting and selling scrap metal will ensure these items are recycled or reused instead of ending up in a landfill, this way of generating financial support is also good for the environment. Here are a few simple steps you can take to help you organize a successful scrap metal fundraiser.

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  • 21/05/2021
    3 Fun Facts About Recycling Metal


    There’s nothing new about recycling metal. In fact, this material has been melted down and reshaped into new tools and weapons by humans for hundreds of years. If you want to learn more about this centuries-old process, here are three other interesting facts about recycling metal.

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  • 04/05/2021
    What Metal Items Can’t Be Recycled?


    Recycling metal is a great way to reduce air pollution, save energy and conserve natural resources. Unfortunately, not all types of metal can be recycled. If you’re struggling to sort your scrap metal, here’s a look at some items you might have that aren’t recyclable.

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  • 14/04/2021
    How to Identify Your Scrap Metal


    If you’re new to scrap metal recycling, you might not know where to start when it comes to sorting and identifying the different kinds of metals you’ve collected. When in doubt, you can always consult a professional. However, by following these simple tricks, you can learn how to sort much of your scrap metal on your own.

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  • 02/04/2021
    3 Places to Look For Scrap Metal in Your Home (and How to Cash in on It)


    You may know that recycling metal is a good way to help protect the environment, but did you know that you can also make money in the process? Indeed, scrap yards with metal recycling facilities don’t just accept metal from industrial plants and construction sites. They’ll also gladly pay homeowners for any scrap metal they have lying around. If you want to benefit from this service, here are a few places to look for scrap metal on your property.

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  • 24/03/2021
    4 things to do before you scrap your car


    Do you have an old, rundown car? If so, it might be time to consider scrapping it.

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  • 02/03/2021
    How to turn your farm’s old metal into cash


    Farms are an abundant source of scrap metal. If you live on a farm, chances are you have a number of items and pieces of equipment that can be scrapped.

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  • 17/02/2021
    Construction site management: busting myths about recycling scrap metal


    Construction sites can be an abundant source of scrap metal. Unfortunately, there are many myths about construction site recycling that are simply wrong or based on outdated information.

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  • 16/02/2021
    5 mistakes to avoid when scrapping metal


    Recycling scrap metal can be a simple way to make cash on items you’re no longer using. If you’re new to scrapping, you might be wondering how to get the most money for your metal.

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  • 01/02/2021
    New versus recycled metals


    Metal is a sustainable material that maintains its physical properties forever. Most metals can be recycled and reused repeatedly.

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  • 02/01/2021
    Frequently asked questions about recycling metal


    Many metals can safely be recycled and should not be thrown in the trash. Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about recycling metal.

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  • 24/12/2020
    Common types of scrap steel and where to find it


    Almost 70 percent of all steel used in North America is recycled. This versatile alloy can be used again and again in various forms. High demand for recycled steel means scrap metal recyclers will pay you cash for it. Here are some of the most common types of scrap steel and where you can find it.

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  • 09/12/2020
    What you should know about recycling old appliances


    Recycling old appliances keeps them out of landfills and helps conserve natural resources. Moreover, many appliances contain toxic fluids that can leak into the ground, so recycling them is key when it comes to protecting the planet. Here’s what you should know.

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  • 29/11/2020
    Can you recycle rusty metals?


    If you have scrap metal that needs to be recycled, some of it may be rusty. In this case, you should know that even though rust impacts the metal recycling process, it’s still recyclable. Here’s what you should know.

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  • 20/11/2020
    3 environmental benefits of recycling your vehicle


    Close to 80 percent of your vehicle is recyclable. If your beater is at the end of its lifespan, selling it to a metal recycling company can help protect the planet. Here are three environmental benefits of recycling your vehicle.

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  • 01/06/2019
    Why is scrap metal recycling on the rise?

    The scrap metal recycling industry is the source of thousands of jobs in Canada, employing 40,000 people directly and 120,000 indirectly. And its role in the economy is only expected to grow. Here are three reasons why scrap metal recycling is getting so much attention.

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  • 18/05/2019
    Innovation in the scrap metal recycling industry

    The metal recycling industry was built on innovation. Scrap metal recycling took off during the Second World War, when the demand for metal products for the production of guns, airplanes, tanks and ships became much higher than the available supply from mining and smelting ores. The practice of recycling scrap metal, although not altogether new, became widespread in countries like Canada, the US and the UK. It also became considerably more efficient, with the introduction of new technologies at every step of the production process.

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  • 01/05/2019
    What happens to scrap metal before it gets sold to manufacturers?

    Metals are among the most easily recyclable materials on earth. Scrap metal recycling is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint, preserve the earth’s natural resources and protect the environment. Keep reading to learn more about the steps Edmonton recycling firms take to prepare scrap metal for resale to manufacturers in Canada and all over the world.

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  • 18/04/2019
    How scrap metal recycling is fighting against climate change

    Climate change is one of the most important issues facing the world today. It’s caused by an increasing atmospheric concentration of the four greenhouse gases—carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and fluorinated gases. Carbon dioxide is the main culprit, accounting for 81% of greenhouse gas emissions.

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  • 18/04/2019
    The basics of scrap metal recycling

    Did you know that the majority of metals we use today have been recycled at least once? Recycled scrap metal is all around us, in our appliances, furniture, bikes, cars— the list could go on and on. However, we don’t notice because scrap metal is identical to metal derived from mined ore both in appearance and quality. Keep reading to learn more about this material that you see, touch and handle every day without realizing it.

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  • 21/08/2018
    Construction site scrap metal recycling in Edmonton: it’s all in the bins

    Scrap metal recycling is as lucrative as it is good for the environment. This is perhaps truest when it comes to demolition and construction sites, where large quantities of metal need to be removed from the area and transported to a recycling facility. Here’s how to properly manage the scrap metal on your construction site to save money and get the best value, straight from the pros at General Recycling—your experts in construction scrap metal recycling in Edmonton and beyond.

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  • 10/08/2018
    What Affects the Value of Scrap Metal?

    Just like any other commodity, scrap metal in Edmonton rises and falls in value over time. If you're interested in scrap metal recycling in the Edmonton and St. Albert areas, then it's important to understand why the price fluctuates as it does. At General Recycling Industries Ltd., we provide recycling services in Edmonton as well as recycling tips and information for our clients. Here is a guide to the four main factors affecting the value of scrap metal in Sherwood Park, St. Albert, and Edmonton.

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  • 10/08/2018
    Tips for successful scrap metal recycling in Edmonton

    Recycling scrap metal is an important aspect of commercial eco-responsibility. With a little effort, your business can help reduce its carbon footprint and ensure that valuable secondary materials are not wasted. And you can benefit financially too! But remember to keep these key tips in mind.

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  • 21/03/2018
    Metal Recycling 101

    Like other recyclable materials, scrap metal of all shapes and sizes can be collected and repurposed into new items rather than left to decay in landfills. This practice has a variety of positive effects on businesses, individuals and the environment as a whole. Here at General Recycling, we take metal recycling seriously. Read on for an overview of what can be recycled, how it’s recycled, and why.

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  • 23/11/2017
    Why sustainability is the new mother of invention in Edmonton

    More and more people are starting to recognize that the earth’s natural resources are at risk of depletion. That’s why the search for ways to get citizens of Edmonton and surrounding areas recycling and trying to reduce our combined carbon impact and has become more important than ever. Finding sustainable solutions for modern problems is a necessity, which makes sustainability the new mother of invention. Keep reading to learn more.

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  • 23/11/2017
    The 7 stages in the life cycle of scrap metal in Edmonton

    Have you ever wondered what happens to metal when it is recycled? Where does the scrap metal come from? How is it recycled? And where does it end up? Keep reading to learn all about the life cycle of a common piece of scrap metal......

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  • 23/11/2017
    6 DIY home design projects you can make with scrap metal in Edmonton

    Scrap metal often ends up in the Edmonton landfill or gets sent to the recycling depot, but with a little bit of creativity and determination, you can turn any piece of scrap metal into an eye-catching piece of art. Whether you’re going for a rustic, country look or an edgy, steampunk vibe, you can create a unique, one of a kind piece with these six DIY scrap metal projects.

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  • 23/11/2017
    5 Reasons why everyone should love copper in Edmonton

    When you think of copper, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a penny. But did you know that copper has many other uses besides just coins? Keep reading to learn more about this richly hued metal and five reasons why everyone in Edmonton should love it.

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  • 23/11/2017
    The 5 biggest benefits of recycling aluminum in Edmonton

    Of all the different metals on earth, aluminum is one of the most common. That’s probably why it’s used so often and in so many ways in the world today. Aluminum is used in a variety of consumer goods from foils, take-out food packaging, soda cans, automotives and more. Because we rely on it so much, it just makes sense to reuse this common metal. Keep reading to learn more about aluminum and the five biggest benefits of recycling it.

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  • 18/04/2017
    Earth Day - A Way to Give Back through Edmonton Recycling Opportunities

    If you have been hunting for the perfect opportunity to celebrate Earth Day in Canada, there are numerous ways to give back to our friendly planet! From recycling to cleaning up trash in neighbourhoods to doing what you can to limit your impact on the environment, there is always a step you may have missed earlier, but it is never too late to start.

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  • 29/11/2016
    Helping Your Efforts at Copper Recycling in Edmonton

    Responsible corporations around the world are making sustained efforts at reducing their carbon footprint and helping to conserve and preserve the earth’s natural resources. Established metal recycling companies such as General Recycling support environmental initiatives by not only recycling metals such as copper, but also by purchasing scrap metal from companies and individuals to encourage and help improve sustainability. We have a scrap metal purchasing program in place to buy your scrap copper, including wire, tubing, pipes, radiators, bars and sheets.

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  • 18/11/2016
    Eager to Recycle Scrap Metals? Use a Trusted Service in Edmonton

    Edmonton, Alberta is considered one of the most proactive cities for urban waste management. Recycling is on the rise, and yet at the same time, consumers and industries continue to send more waste to landfills. Paper, plastic, glass and scrap metals are dumped at alarming rates. This inflicts ongoing damage to our environment, and uses up landfill lifespan and space.

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  • 16/09/2016
    The Recycling Industry in Alberta: How You Can Help

    Recycling services are in abundance in Alberta, but the number of consumers recycling versus producing waste is still not high enough. The diversion rates from landfills are still low, and despite programs being implemented, the province’s focus on new resources makes recycling the less attractive option.

    How Consumers Can Help

    Whether you are already recycling or you are ready to start, there are plenty of ways you can increase your household and company recycling potential. There are many products out there that can be recycled and some you may not even be aware of.

    Just some of the products that you can recycle include:

    • Plastics
    • Cardboard
    • Aluminum
    • Stainless steel
    • Car batteries
    • Copper
    • Glass
    • Newspapers
    • Cast iron
    • Cars
    • Appliances

    Why Recycle Scrap Metal?

    When you think of recycling, how often do you consider scrap metal? Recycling scrap metal offers numerous benefits, including:

    • Improving Earth-Friendly Processes - By engaging in scrap metal recycling, less energy is used than what is required to extract and refine raw metals. Also, the environmental hazards associated with mining are reduced, including poisonous runoffs, groundwater contaminations, and hazardous gases.
    • Waste Reduction - The more scrap metal that is recycled, the less you add to local landfills. Since most recyclable metal products are bulky, continuing to recycle these components can reduce the need for more unsightly and space-consuming landfills near your home, work and local schools.
    • Improving the Economy - Recycling requires a lot of labour. By supporting scrap metal and other recycling services, you are creating more jobs, improving the economy.
    • You Get Paid - The biggest benefit to recycling scrap metal is the fact that you get paid for your scrap metal. When you bring your products in, you will receive a payment based on how much scrap metal your recycled products contain.
    • While the stewardship program continues to encourage more consumers to increase recycling, you can do your part. Take your scrap metal to local metal recyclers like General Recycling Industries, Ltd. And do your part to help increase the province’s waste diversion rates.Find out which products you can bring into General Recycling Industries, Ltd. Call us at 866-983-9999 with your questions or feel free to contact us online.
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  • 16/09/2016
    Environmental Protection Tips

    General Recycling Industries Ltd. has made a firm commitment to educating businesses and individuals throughout Alberta about the benefits of metal recycling. We understand that as natural resources continue to be depleted, renewal and preservation of our global environment are critical for long-term sustainability.

    Likewise, while we believe in the environmental stewardship mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, encouraging everyone to recycle. However, in our world of changing regulations, some items are easier than others and as such, we offer these tips to you, our Edmonton neighbours.

    Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP), provides a number of educational resources while working to achieve positive environmental outcomes and sustainable development of natural resources for Albertans.

    The Alberta Recycling Management Authority (Alberta Recycling) is responsible for managing Alberta’s tire, electronics, and paint recycling programs. Originally established in 1992, Alberta Recycling reports to the Minister of Environment and Parks, and is run by a Board of Directors representing many stakeholder groups.

    Recycling is good for the environment, keeping chemicals like mercury, lead, and flame retardants that leach into the ground and contaminate ground water out of landfills. By using recycled materials, instead of raw materials, we conserve land and reduce the need to use up precious natural resources. It generally takes less energy to make recycled products than new products, and many recycled goods can also be used to produce alternative fuels, further reducing the need to use natural resources. The recycling process creates jobs with Alberta’s recycling industry which employs hundreds of people throughout the province.

    There are a number of active steps you can also take to improve the environment in Alberta in your own home and yard, here are a few:

    • Plant a tree - trees absorb carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas;
    • Mulch around your landscaping - a three-inch layer of mulch holds moisture and prevents evaporation, reducing the need to water;
    • Never pour anything - especially waste oil or leftover lawn chemicals – into a storm drain. It will end up in the nearest stream. Save paints, pesticides, lawn chemicals, car batteries, waste oil and similar materials for your local household hazardous waste collection day;
    • Park the car - walk, bike or use mass-transit whenever you can or if you must drive, keep your car tune-up as a properly maintained vehicles get better gas mileage and emit fewer pollutants; and,
    • Give it away, don’t throw it away - many charitable organizations accept donations of wearable clothing and gently used household items.

    At General Recycling Industries Ltd, our facilities are open from 8 AM until 5 PM on weekdays and from 8 AM to 1 PM on Saturdays. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 780-452-5865 or toll free at 1-800-222-6595.

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  • 16/09/2016
    The 5 Most Recyclable Materials that You can Sell for Scrap

    Almost anything that is made of metal can be recycled. Batteries, car parts, pots and pans, structural materials, you name it. If it's made of metal, chances are you can recycle it. Here are 5 of the most recyclable metals that you can sell for scrap, as well as some items which are commonly made out of them:

    1. Iron and Steel
    2. Steel is actually an alloy made predominantly of iron, which is a mineral. It is the most widely used metal on the planet and may be found in products ranging from garbage cans to appliances and construction materials. Cast Iron is a different alloy used predominantly in dense items such as brake drums and heavy industrial parts requiring resistance to wear.
    3. Aluminum
    4. Next to steel, aluminum is the next most abundant metal used by society. It is used to make everything from ladders and railings to doorknobs and toasters. Car parts such as hoods, suspension, engine blocks, brackets, and alternator housings are all often made of aluminum.
    5. Copper
    6. Copper, due to its excellent conductive properties, is found in all sorts of electrical wiring applications. Copper tubing, found in water and heating systems, is another great source of scrap copper. Copper is also an important component in electronic devices.
    7. Brass
    8. Brass can be tricky to find if you don't know where to look, but, once you learn where it's used, you'll notice it almost everywhere. Look for brass on door handles, heat exchangers, faucets, nuts and bolts, pipe fittings, jewelry, and on pen and lipstick tubes.

    Bring Your Scrap to General Recycling Industries Ltd. in Edmonton

    Copious amounts of the 5 metals listed above can often be easily obtained. If you're working on a construction or renovation project, or if you're just doing a thorough cleaning of the junk that has accumulated in your home, then you'll likely come across items you can scrap with the Edmonton metal recyclers at General Recycling Industries Ltd.

    Just bring your items to one of our two Edmonton recycling locations, or get in touch with General Recycling Industries Ltd. by phone if you have any questions before coming in.

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  • 16/09/2016
    Recycling Copper: What You Need to Know

    Most people see trash and throw it away. This waste is then taken to landfills, covered with earth and forgotten. Landfills across the country are running out of space and most of them are filled with items that can easily be recycled. Most consumers know about basic recycling such as paper, plastic and aluminum, but what many of us do not realize is that copper can be recycled too.

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