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We Recycle Scrap Brass at Our Edmonton Location

Brass is a metal that is made up of zinc and copper and is highly valued for its workability, hardness, corrosion resistance, and attractive appearance. It is used to make a variety of items, from bathroom fixtures and fittings to musical instruments like horns and bells. At General Recycling Industries Ltd., we recycle almost any type of brass, no matter the colour or application it was used for. We will buy your used brass locks, gears, bearings, plumbing and electrical applications, or any other scrap brass at our Edmonton location.


If you're looking to sell your brass, call us:



SOUTH SIDE LOCATION (4120 – 84 Avenue, Edmonton): 780-452-5865



WEST END LOCATION (11915 – 156 Street Edmonton): 780-453-7000


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South Side Location

4120 – 84 Avenue

Edmonton, AB Canada

T6B 3H3

Phone: 780-452-5865

Toll Free: 1-866-983-9999

Fax: 780-468-6111

West End Location

11915 – 156 Street

Edmonton, AB Canada

T5V 1E8

Phone: 780-453-7000

Toll Free: 1-800-222-6595

Fax: 780-452-1736


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Tuesday 08:00 AM - 05:00 PM

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