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We Recycle Scrap Brass at Our Edmonton Location

Brass is a metal that is made up of zinc and copper and is highly valued for its workability, hardness, corrosion resistance and attractive appearance. It is used to make a variety of items, from bathroom fixtures and fittings to musical instruments like horns and bells. At General Recycling Industries Ltd., we recycle almost any type of brass, no matter the color or application it was used for. We will buy your used brass locks, gears, bearings, plumbing and electrical applications on any other scrap brass at our Edmonton location. 

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The exact properties of brass depend on the composition of the brass alloy, especially the copper/zinc ratio. No matter this ratio, all brass is valued for the ease of which it can be formed into shapes while still retaining its high strength. Because of its low melting point, brass can be cast very easily. Most often brasses with a high zinc content are preferred for casting as the zinc makes the metal more malleable and ductile. 

Brasses with a lower zinc content are best used when welding or brazing. A higher copper content also allows the brass to form a protective oxide layer that helps to protect against further corrosion. These brasses are often used in applications that are exposed to moisture and weathering. If you have any old brass applications you are looking to get rid of, General Recycling is the place to go. We have been buying brass in Edmonton since 1976. 

Brass is considered a low friction and non-magnetic alloy. Its acoustic properties have made it the main choice for many musical instruments. Many artists and architects enjoy the metal’s aesthetic appeal, as it can be created in a range of beautiful colors, from deep red to a golden yellow. The difference in color depends on the copper content of the brass.

For sustainable brass recycling, choose General Recycling Industries today. We have been recycling, brass at our Edmonton location for many years. Stop by or contact us today to learn more about the services we can provide.

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