About Aluminum 

Most people know aluminum best by its common uses as foil and cans, but aluminum is used across a wide variety of applications because it is lightweight, strong, durable, corrosion resistant and infinitely recyclable. Space travel likely would not have happened without aluminum! We’ll buy your aluminum scrap products–such as the ones listed below–to recycle for new purposes.

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Cans & Packaging

Aluminum cans are commonly used for food and beverage containers as they help preserve the flavor and are infinitely recyclable– making it one of the top sustainable food packages on the market.

Aluminum cans for recycling


Aluminum is commonly found in buildings such as skyscrapers. Using recycled aluminum in buildings is not only cost-efficient, but also helps qualify buildings under LEED standards.

aluminum construction items


Transportation applications such as Aircraft, Aerospace, and Automotive, regularly use aluminum to extend battery life and boost performance. Although light, aluminum is also strong and mechanically stable– allowing it to handle extreme temperatures.

aluminum transportation parts


Aluminum is commonly used for electrical transmission today due to its weight, price point and conductivity which provides twice the conductivity per pound compared to copper wiring. You can find aluminum in many modern products, such as solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations

electronic aluminum parts

Why Recycle Aluminum

Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, it requires minimal energy to recycle, losing none of its properties during the process. More companies like Apple are adopting aircraft-grade aluminum into their design to improve recycling ability and improve sustainability.

  • Aluminum cans contain 73% recycled content– 12X  more than plastic & 3X more than glass.
  • 60% of aluminum used in buildings built today is recycled.
  • Make money– we’ll PAY for your aluminum

It Pays to go green

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