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Best known for its heat and electrical conductivity, copper is commonly found in electrical materials and motors. We buy stripped or insulated copper wire, tubing and pipe, radiators, and sheet copper to recycle and sell–diverting it from the landfill. We’ll buy your scrap copper products–such as the ones listed below–to recycle for new purposes.

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Not only is copper a great electrical conductor, but it’s flexible and less oxidative than other metals (meaning it doesn’t rust). Copper wires are commonly found in household electronics, telephone poles, and cars.

metal copper wires for recycling

Tubing and Pipes

Copper can be used for tubing and pipes because of its corrosion resistance, formability, and ability to transfer heat. Copper tumbling can be found for uses such as plumbing, air conditioning, refrigeration, fuel gas distributions.

copper metal tubing for recycling

Vehicle Radiators

Although less common today, copper has been used in radiators as it’s a thermal efficient product that’s long lasting.

copper radiator for recycling


It’s estimated that 32% of the world’s copper consumption comes from recycled copper. Copper is a finite resource that doesn’t degrade or lose chemical properties during the recycling process, making it infinite recyclable.

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  • Takes 85 % LESS energy to recycle vs mine.
  • Diverts copper from the landfill
  • Make money– we’ll PAY for your copper
  • Minimizes toxins released in the environment.
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