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Stainless Steel

About Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is strong and secure like ordinary steel, however, it doesn’t rust, stain, or corrode. It’s typically used for kitchen accessories, medical equipment, construction, and modern transportation. We accept stainless steel products for recycling, examples of accepted products are listed below.

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Kitchen Accessories

Often used in cooking accessories due to its corrosion resistance– making stainless steel durable for acidic/ alkaline foods and regular sanitation. You can find them in products such as utensils, pots, pans, containers, cooking appliances, and more.

stainless steel kitchen utensils for recycling

Medical Equipment

Stainless steel is one of the most used metals in the medical industry because of its durability, precision, and hygiene. You can disinfect stainless steel regularly without worry about corrosion, making it ideal for medical tools, equipment, and surfaces.

stainless steel medical equipment


Stainless steel is used in modern construction as exterior cladding for large high impact buildings and they’re often used as handrails, counter tops, backsplashes and more in building interiors, due to their low-maintenance..

stainless steel for construction


Stainless steel is used in all forms of modern transportation, such as rail cars, ships, and automobiles, as it can withstand the transportation of chemicals and multiple environmental conditions. It’s strong, but light–saving fuel costs for long hauls.

stainless steel car parts

Why Recycle Stainless Steel?

Similar to the process of ferrous metals, stainless steel is sorted from other recyclable metals which are then compacted and cut into smaller pieces before it is melted down and cast into slabs or ingots. It can be infinitely recycled as it does not  lose its properties during the process. 

  • Up to 90% of stainless steel used is recycled.
  • 1 tone of stainless steel saves 1,000 kg of iron ore, 55 kg of limestone and 630 kg of coal
  • Diverts brass from the landfill
  • Minimizes toxins released in the environment.
  • Make money– we’ll PAY for your stainless steel

It Pays to go green

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