Items not accepted

Items We Don’t Accept

Unacceptable Materials

Compressed Gas Cylinders – Unless Punctured and Gas Evacuated

Radioactive Materials

Household, Organic, Industrial or Medical Waste


Closed Containers, Barrels, Drums, that have not been Punctured and Triple Rinsed

Fracking Pipe

Aeresol Cans

PCB Contaminated Material

Fire Extinguishers with Discharge Mechanisms not removed

Brake Pots

Live Ammunition, Weaponry

Motors that are not Drained

Light Fixtures with Ballasts


Razor Wire

Supporting Environmental Stewardship

In our commitment to environmental stewardship, there are items we no longer accept into our recycling programs. Learn more about our Environmental Stewardship Program.

Environmental Stewardship Program

It Pays to go green

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