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Recycling Service in Edmonton

Reduce Waste with our Recycling Services in Sherwood Park, St-Albert & Edmonton

Why throw away metals when they can be recycled? Come to General Recycling, where we buy scrap metal in Edmonton. Metal recycling doesn’t have to involve weeks of preparation, and we make metal recycling easy. All you have to do is drop off your scrap metal or lead-acid batteries during business hours and we’ll do the rest. When you come to General Recycling, you can feel good about promoting a healthier environment.

Recycling saves natural resources and energy. Rather than putting massive loads of steel into landfills, it can be recycled and reused. Recycling steel uses 74% less energy than producing from raw materials.

Bin Service

Industrial projects use large amounts of metal. If you want to make sure that this metal doesn’t end up in a landfill polluting the environment, bring it to us. General Recycling offers an industrial bin service so our clients can conveniently recycle their scrap metal.

Clients can choose from various bin sizes to match project or production needs. We also provide trailers for larger items being scrapped.

Rely on us to help you choose the best bin for your project.

Metal Drop Off

Whether you have scrap metal from home or your business, we can help. We provide a drop off location where you can leave recyclable metals, appliances or lead-acid batteries during business hours.

We have two locations in Edmonton: a west and south location. For specific location information, visit our contact page. Please deliver larger loads to the south location, where we will help you safely unload your scrap metals.

Safety First

We not only focus on a safer overall environment, but also a safer work environment. Help us maintain our safe work environment at our recycling facilities by heeding the following safety instructions:

  • Commercial operators must wear personal protective equipment.
  • Do not search through scrap piles.
  • Follow verbal instructions and obey all signs.
  • Never leave children or animals unsupervised.
  • Remain with your vehicle when on the scale or loading or unloading materials.

We provide dependable scrap metal recycling services for all metal recyclers in Edmonton. Come to General Recycling to dispose of your scrap metals, scrap vehicles, scrap appliances and lead-acid batteries. We will gladly help you unload.

For more information, call us at 780-452-5865 or visit one of our locations.

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