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Bin Services

Industrial & Commercial Recycling Bin Services in Edmonton

Edmonton turns to General Recycling Industries Ltd. To help collect the scrap metal at a job site, shop, plant or manufacturing facility, we provide industrial and commercial customers with bin services in Edmonton,Sherwood Park and St. Albert. We offer pickup and drop off options for our bins with as little as 24 hours’ notice. We do not serve residential clients, only commercial and industrial, and there are limitations as to what can be put in our bins. For a full list, please read our environment page. 


When your industrial needs warrant a scrap metal recycling bin, turn to General Recycling Industries Ltd. We not only have a bin to suit most companies’ needs, but we also make it easy to recycle a variety of ferrous and non-ferrous metals throughout wider Edmonton. Scrap metal prices depend on current market value. Call us today, and we’ll let you know what to expect from the process.

Why Choose Us

At General Recycling Industries Ltd., we have a dedicated team of sales people who personally service a large component of our customer base. We are honest and accurate with our accounting methods and fair. We are also a big company – which means we can easily and conveniently service large and small accounts alike. We have an outstanding HSE program and we subscribe to stringent environmental best management practices. We are also a huge contributor to our charity of choice – Kids with Cancer – to whom we have donated over $1.0 million in the past 5 years.

Recycling Precious Natural Resources

The need to reclaim our natural resources is more important today than ever before. You play a vital role by collecting your scrap metals and utilizing our bin services in St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Edmonton. We’re happy to provide dumpster rental services provincially and locally, and our products are able to handle any output, small or large.

types of bins

Each type of bin is designed for different purposes to aid different industries. Hoppers are commonly placed inside shops and adjacent to machinery, to collect metal shavings, turnings, and other residuals.  Hoppers are designed to transfer smaller amounts of material to larger bins.


The use of lugger or roll-off bins varies with your needs and the type of material you generate. For example, we may have a large energy customer who needs a bin for scrap pipe which requires a large bin, or they may simply have smaller materials (pile caps, pipe ends, plates, and structural materials shorter than 5 feet) that are more suited to a lugger bin.


Take a look at the tables below to assess your sizing needs. Still have questions? No problem. Contact one of our experienced staff members. Whether you’re collecting copper in Grand Prairie or aluminum scrap in Drayton Valley, we can help!

At General Recycling Industries Ltd., we’re committed to helping both industries and individuals recycle their scrap metal. Call us today at 1-866-983-9999 (Edmonton South Side) or 1-800-222-6595 (West End) to get a free quote!

Self DUmping Hoppers

Capacity (CU Yards) Overall Dimensions (inches) Chargin (Lip Height)
1/2 32" 41" 46" 27 3/4"
3/4 36" 41" 55" 32 1/4"
1 43" 41" 63" 37 1/4"
1 1/2 43" 53" 63" 37 1/4"
2 43" 65" 63" 37 1/4"

Lugger Bins

Container Type Overall Dimensions (inches) Size (CU Yard)
Lugger XL 7' 64" 20' 20
Lugger LL 7' 64" 12' 14
Lugger LL 6' 64" 12' 12
Lugger LL 5' 64" 12' 10
Lugger HL 3' 64" 12' 6
Lugger ML 3' 64" 7' 5

Roll Off

Container Type Overall Dimensions (inches) Size (CU Yard)
ROLL OFF 7' 6' 30' 60
ROLL OFF 6' 6' 22' 40
ROLL OFF 5' 6' 22' 30
ROLL OFF 3' 6' 22' 20


Need Your Bin Emptied?

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