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Materials We Accept

We’ve invested in technologically-innovative equipment, which allows us to accept and recycle various types of scrap metal in an efficient and sustainable process. Have questions on scrap metal prices and the types of metals we accept? Our experienced team is ready to lead you through the scrap metal process.

Non-Ferrous Materials

Non-Ferrous metals do not contain iron and can be found in items such as copper, aluminum, alloys, brass, stainless steel, and battery recycling.


Commonly found in construction and electrical equipment.


Typically powerlines, window frames, electronics and aircraft, casts, wires, rims, sidings, extrusions, structurals, turnings


Compound metals such as nickel and inconel
brass for recycling


Yellow brass (honey), new brass clippings, composition or red brass.
stainless steel scruff recycling

Stainless Steel

A corrosion-resistant alloy metal of primarily iron and chromium, commonly from excess of manufacturing, fabrication, or construction processes.
old batteries for recycling

Battery Recycling

Lead Acid Batteries.

Ferrous Materials

Ferrous metals contain iron which can be found in items such as cast irons, steels, vehicles, form implements, and industrial metals and equipment.

industrial metals recycling

Steel & Industrial Metals

scrap vehicles


cast iron recycling

Cast Iron

industrial equipment recycling

Industrial Equipment

form implements at general recycling

Farm Implements

Items We Don't Accept

In support of our efforts on environmental stewardship, there are items we no longer accept into our recycling program. Find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of metal differs depending on the type of metal and can fluctuate from day to day. Please contact our team to learn more about current metal prices.

There are a variety of items and metals we don’t accept for sustainability reasons. Visit our Items We Don’t Accept page to learn more.

No, we’ll accept any volume of scrap metals. You bring it, we’ll pay for it!

No, we’ll accept items from anyone, including small-medium businesses and individual  consumers.

We have cutting-edge technology and processes that allows us to efficiently shred, separate, and recycle metals into reusable material.

It Pays to go green

Recycle your scrap metal and get paid, ask us how!

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