Shredder for Scrap Metal

Shredding for a Better Tomorrow

 At General Recycling we take metal recycling seriously, so much that we have the most advanced shredding metal technology on site.

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Scrap Metal Shredder

It takes a lot of energy to break down larger pieces of scrap metal, such as a car. Which is why we’ve invested in cutting-edge shredding technology to scale up our scrap metal processing in a way that’s more efficient and sustainable.

scrap metal sent to shredder

Step 1 Receipt & sorting of acceptable materials

Bring us your scrap! You can find a list of what we can shred below! Once items have been approved, we begin to sort the materials.

scrap on crane for shredder

Step 2 Infeed of material

Sorted materials are then loaded onto the infeed conveyor via crane.

shredder process - hammermill

Step 3 Materials go to the hammermill

The infeed conveyor sends material to the hammermill
which shreds the material and sizes it.

scrap divided for shredder

Step 4 Material Gets Divided

The material is then divided into two primary material streams:

1. Ferrous Metals – Ferrous materials are cleaned using a cyclone; further sorted for non-conformance and then piled
for shipment
2. Non-ferrous Metals – Non-ferrous material are sent to the ASR plant for further processing.

Items We can Shred

Cars for Shredder

De-polluted Cars

goods for scrap shredder

Appliances (White Goods)

Light Gauge for Shredder

Light Gauge Scrap

White Goods Shall Not Contain

  • Capacitors, Ballasts or Transformers
  • Batteries
  • Refrigerants - Freon or CFC
  • Televisions or Computer Monitors
  • Radioactive Materials, Smoke Detectors or Gauges
  • Propane, Acetylene, Natural Gas or Butane Bottles
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Asbestos Insulation
  • Bar stock or heavy forged material

Vehicles Shall Not Contain

  • Batteries
  • Un-punctured Fuel Tanks
  • Capacitors, Ballasts or Transformers
  • Propane
  • Acetylene
  • Natural Gas or Butane Bottles
  • Hazardous Materials

Items Unacceptable to Shred

Capacitors, Ballasts or Transformers
Hazardous Materials
Compressed Gas Cylinders – unless they are punctured, and the gas has been evacuated

Shredding for a better tomorrow

Metal shredding is essential to ongoing consumer consumption of products. Contributing to a circular economy, shredded metals are broken down and recycled to be consumed as raw materials. This helps divert from the landfill and contributes to preservation of the earth’s natural resources. 

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